Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Concierge & The Chocolate Chip Cookies

"I am on a personal mission to wipe out the phrase, "No Problem" from the service industry.

-- Janet Bartman

Recently I was traveling, and I was staying at a familiar business-class hotel. Each afternoon, the hotel baker brought a large, irresistible tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to the concierge desk.

On my second day there, I walked up and selected a cookie. As I did, I made the comment that I had been looking forward to this special treat all day. The concierge glanced up and gave me a cursory nod and a brisk "no problem," and then his eyes reverted back to his computer screen.

All that effort into baking cookies, and the goodwill was gone in an instant. I knew it was "no problem," but I would like to propose an alternate ending to this story.

The concierge glances up, hears my comment, smiles and says, "My pleasure. Enjoy!"

Which concierge knows the language of remarkable service?

I am on a personal mission to wipe out the phrase 'no problem' from the service industry. Here's why: Look in the mirror and say "problem." Now, look in the mirror and say "pleasure." Which one makes you smile? If there is no problem, don't bring one up. Just smile, and say, "My pleasure!"

Janet Bartman is the Communications Director for a large professional membership organization in Spokane. She welcomes your comments.

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David Meerman Scott said...

Silly comment. Too bad. Either that hotel or the individual missed a huge opportunity. Multiplied by hundreds of guests a day and this makes a big difference!