Friday, December 12, 2008

Part 2: Yes, there is a Language of Really Remarkable Service

"It is a long way from your brain, with a good idea like this, to your lips which want to cooperate, but take time to train correctly."

-- Janet Bartman

I discovered that there is a language of remarkable service, and you can change an entire company by changing one little word.


Not, "yeah," "uh-huh," "okay," "sure," or "no problem."

Yes, certainly. (Instead of "yeah.")
Yes, I'd be happy to do that for you. (Instead of "uh-huh.")
Yes, we can do that. (Instead of "ok.")
Yes, consider it done. (Instead of "sure.")
And, my personal favorite: Yes, my pleasure. (Instead of "no problem.")

A word about the word "no." If you begin a reply to a client with the word "no," it is just like slamming the door in their face.

Challenge yourself early on to find a way to say "yes" first. It shows your concern for the client and goes a long way as an assurance of understanding.

Yes, I understand.
Yes, let's look at that together.
Yes, I see your concern.
Yes, I will check on that.
Yes, we normally can do that.
Yes, tell me more about what happened.
Yes, we have a specialist to help you with that.

Imagine the positive energy if everyone in your company made a commitment to "Yes." I caution you, though. This little upgrade is more difficult than you think. It is a long way from your brain, with a good idea like this, to your lips which want to cooperate, but take time to train correctly.

Here is a regional challenge, Spokane. It can easily become a theme through Greater Spokane, Inc, to creatively promote "Spokane's Summer of Remarkable Service," if they get behind the idea. (I can feel creative minds at work already.)

For business owners here today, you can start small, and reap big rewards immediately. Make your commitment to this one little word, and your organization will become transformed. As a company-wide kick-off event, why not give everyone lapel buttons or stickers that simply say "Yes."

For a week, make a game of catching others when they slip up with slang, instead of using "Yes," thereby forfeiting their button. The winners will be wearing the most buttons at the end of the week, and the upgrade will be widespread by then. (You can tell your customers it is "Yes, we give Remarkable Service" week, if they ask about the buttons.)

Are you in? Let's all get started and bring the language of really Remarkable Service to work today.

Janet Bartman is the Communications Director for a large professional membership organization in Spokane. She welcomes your comments.

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1 comment:

Sean M. Carpenter said...


Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I appreciate the kind words.

This is a great post and really hits home in todays landscape. We've become such a relaxed society that we feel that the "uh-huh's" and "yeppers" have the same impact of a good old fashioned "yes."

I teach my rookie Realtors that while they are prospecting for new business they should play a mind game with themselves and make it about seeking out as many "no's" as they can get. That way they will actually be encouarged to make more calls because they will get a majority of "no's". When they finally get to a "yes" is will be one of the sweetest sounds they have heard in days.

Just imagine how successful a salesperson would be if everyday they set a goal to get 20 people to say "no" to them and then actually made twenty calls? There would be no self-esteem issues when they received a rejection because that's what they were planning for. A positive response will actually force them to make one extra call each and every time.

Have a great day.